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Do You Need Prescription?

Viagra is a drug that is widely used all over the world. It was created by American scientists in the 90-s and since then has been widely used within men suffering from potency problems.

Initially, it was planned to create a medication for the treatment of pain caused by angina, but as a result they received the revolutionary drug Viagra. The effect of the drug was tested during trials on a group of volunteers, and when the result was confirmed, the production of Viagra began.

The active component of the medicine is sildenafil citrate, which belongs to PDE5 inhibitors that affect the enhancement of erection by inhibiting the function of dilating the blood vessels of the penis.

It has been established that the drug is effective if a man suffers from erectile dysfunction. It does not affect or stimulate a man's sexual desire. If there is no desire, then taking the drug will be useless. If a man experiences sexual desire, then within a few hours after the intake of Viagra, the drug will contribute to the occurrence of an erection. After the cessation of sexual intercourse, the erection stops naturally and the man's penis relaxes.

The drug is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction if the dysfunction was caused by other disorders, such as traumatic brain injury or back injury, age-related erectile dysfunction, diabetes. Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by taking the combination of certain medications.

It is not recommended to use Viagra for healthy people, who do not suffer from erectile dysfunction, because in this case the drug will not work. If a man has an allergic reaction to any component of this medication, then it may cause negative adverse reactions.

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If a healthy person feels an increase in sexual desire after taking Viagra pills, then he needs to visit a sexologist, because such an effect on a healthy person is not normal.

Drug Action

The action of one Viagra 50 mg tablet lasts up to 4 hours. Usually, the drug takes the effect within 30 minutes after the intake. To bring the effect of the drug closer, it is recommended to take the pill before meals.

You should not take Viagra without consulting a doctor, since only a doctor can diagnose erectile dysfunction in a man and prescribe the appropriate dosage of the medication. Never increase the dosage of the drug yourself, as unwanted side effects may occur.

It should be noted that after taking the Viagra pill, a man may experience multiple erections during the continuation of the drug's action due to the specific mechanism of its action.

Viagra is not an addictive drug. It doesn’t affect a woman’s ability to get pregnant. This means that taking Viagra and getting multiple erections a man increases the chances of fertilizing a woman's egg.

Side Effects

The drug Viagra should be taken with extreme caution and only after consulting a doctor. This is an especially important issue for the elderly, who have a number of age-related diseases.

Viagra has some side effects, which include a sharp face and neck redness, problems with smelling, redness of the nasal cavity, and headache.

The drug is contraindicated to women and children, who are younger than 16, as well as to patients undergoing treatment for angina pectoris.

Before using the medication, you should carefully read the instructions for use and follow all the recommendations of your doctor. If after taking the medicine you feel negative symptoms that bother you, you should immediately consult a doctor.